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We’re glad you stopped in. Here you can learn something about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how it affects your needs in screening applicants and tenants. You can preview the many tools and packages we offer to efficiently solve your screening needs.

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Tenant Screening

Hindsight Services provides quality tenant screening at affordable prices. In today’s economy we understand that landlords need to cut costs wherever possible.

Hindsight’s tenant screening program offers a variety of products.......

Employee Screening

"The best predictor of future behavior is a person's past behavior," said Steven K. Brown, founder of HindSight Services Inc, 1996.

After the Trade Tower incident on 9/11/2001 every employer realizes .....

Why HindSight?"

We are aware that you have many choices in choosing a background screening company and we appreciate your interest in Hindsight Services Inc. Here are few reasons why you should consider us as your professional screening option.